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About Us

Since graduation from medical college, Dr. Lucy Wang has served as a physician, acupuncturist and scientist. Dr. Wang has over 25 years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating common diseases, such as stroke /peripheral-neuropathy, heart disease, respiratory diseases, renal diseases, endocrine diseases and mood disorders, etc. Dr. Wang was also well trained in one of prominent universities of traditional Chinese medicine.

She has incorporated traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to provide relief to perplexing conditions such as chronic pain (cancer related pain), anxiety disorders, sleep disturbances and infertility as well as weight control, etc.  Dr. Wang has also extensive experience in disease-related research. Therefore, her unique background as a clinical doctor, acupuncturist and scientist spanning the countries of Israel, China and the United States has enabled her to help her patients as much as possible.

  • M.D. in China

  • Licensed acupuncturist in the state of California

  • Certification from Constitutional Facial RenewalTM

  • Member of NAET

  • Member of herbal review group at Susan Samueli, University of California Irvine (UCI)

  • Research on neuronal-degenerative diseases, UCI

  • Academic member of California Acupuncture Medicine Association, USA

  • Professor and supervisor of traditional Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine in Qingdao hospital, China

  • Clinical supervisor in Hadassah Medical school, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Research on neuronal degenerative diseases in Hadassah Medical school, Jerusalem, Israel

  • Author of numerous scientific articles in the medical field